The most personalized audio branding experience

Your Emotional Acoustic Brand Identity (EABI)

Make your brand sound as unique

as you are

Go beyong marketing & let people hear

who you really are

Get the attention you deserve

in a world where attention is the primary currancy

Get your message heard,

make a bigger impact

Did you know that the conscious use of sound & music can be a mighty poweful tool?

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Do you want to show the world your uniqueness
to really stand out of the crowd?

Maybe you are also wondering what you could do …

… to enhance the relationship with your clients…


… and improve


Do you know that you might be missing out on a large part of the impact that you could have?

What if You could use
the same tools
used by many major brands
to improve


Surely no one will doubt that graphics play a major role in the presentation of a brand.

But when it comes to sound everything takes place on a more subconscious level.

Audio branding is no longer a new term or even a secret.
Most major brands use that tool for being recognized.

(like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, McDonalds, Deutsche Telekom, Audi, Mercedes, Mastercard, Coca Cola and many, many more)

What if you could turn your message and your mission into an

acoustic experience

people would instantly associate with you?

But what if you could go even one step further?

Hi, I’m Stefan Goergner

I’m the founder and head & soul of SONiNATE Productions.
I’ve invented the Emotional Acoustic Brand Identity (EABI) and developed the UCE method, which is based on synesthesia, in order to bring audio branding to a new way more emotional and personalized level.

I am a synesthete, which means that I am able to combine two senses, in my case my hearing and my visual sense.
So I’m not only able to hear but also to see sound and music, which is why my approach to composing might be a bit different.
Also I’m quite a good “musical judge of character”.

By creating unique Emotional Acoustic Brand Identities (EABI) that allow everyone to feel connected to you on a subconscious, deep emotional level I’m following my purpose to create music that touches people on a deeper level and thereby deepens their connection to themselves and others.

You could use your EABI on a large variety of different occasions, wether online or offline, i.e., on your website, for your videos, live and online events, webinars, online courses, podcasts and many, many more.

Your EABI is not just a song, it stands for your entire acoustic brand representation, thus your EABI is the musical extention of you that touches and creates connection with people subconsciously.

But first let me explain a bit more about the immense power of sound and what an EABI actually is…

How Your EABI Can Help To Increase Your Sales

Imagine a sad, a scary, a very happy or highly emotional movie scene without the music

You’ll find out pretty quickly that it wouldn’t just be a little bit worse,
it would be almost nothing.

It's the music that is transporting all the emotional content.

Music is telling us to a certain extend what we should feel.

Not only filmmakers are aware of that fact. 

Most major brands use audio for being recognized.

But far more than just recognition...

music triggers associations and
physiological responses but also
our behaviour.

There was an experiment with 50 volunteers who were wired up to measure the intensity of their physiological responses to a series of sounds.
One of the sounds was the Intel audio logo.¹

“In fact the Intel audio logo had such a powerful response that there was only one sound that could actually beat it: the sound of a baby crying.”

“90 % of the world’s population recognize those five notes as the Intel audio logo”.¹

An other study has shown that the days when French background music was playing in a liquor store 77% of the wines that were sold were French.

And when they switched the music to German 73% of the sold wines were German.¹

„You hear 20 to 100 times faster than you see, so that everything that you perceive with your ears is coloring every other perception you have, and every conscious thought you have.“*

*Seth Horowitz – neuroscientist, author of the book „The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind“


Imagine a fight between
logic and emotion.
Who do you think will be
the winner…?

Science shows that it will be always emotion.
All our decisions are
based on emotion.

Thus it’s crucial to
emotionalize your brand.

We often choose things based on the visuals.

But as sound gets routed very quickly to the brain areas where our emotions are generated our subconscious choice is mostly based on acoustic associations.

The examples above show what a mighty powerful tool
the conscious use of sound and music can be

Make your brand the subconscious choice,
turn it into a favorite song & an “earworm”

What an EABI actually is

Audio Logo vs. EABI

Audio Logo

An audio logo is a short acoustic creation, mainly applied for being recognized.


With an EABI we're creating the acoustic equivalent of you & your message.
It is a longer piece of music - song or instrumental - that not only has the quality of an audio logo but also allows to evoke certain emotions and to touch on a deeper level, as it is highly personalized and created by our special UCE method (unique - catchy & complex - emotional).

In addition it is possible to generate an audio logo out of an EABI as well.

Is your brand also like a movie without music?
Let’s push the “emotion button”

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Why to choose an EABI by

I am a synesthete, which means that I am able to combine two senses, in my case my hearing and my visual sense.

I’m not only able to hear but also to see sound and music.

Thus for me music has a lot to do with colors, and I love “painting” in many different colors.

I’m quite a good “musical judge of character” and writing music is my greatest passion and what I can do best.

I’ve invented the EABI in order to make your audio branding very special. For this I’ve developed the UCE method (unique – catchy & complex – emotional).

I’ve been making music for more than 30 years and as a professional for almost 20 years.

Throughout my musical career I got in touch with all kinds of musical genres and styles

from classic rock to pop

from hard rock to metal, grunge and progressive rock

from big band jazz to fusion and many other jazz styles

classical music from renaissance to contemporary music (specialized in baroque music)

from world music of India or Africa to traditional Alpine folk music

from rather improvised music to totally free improvisation

Together with my team of amazing international artists I am able to offer a wide variety of options to make your musical vision come true and make it sound as unique as you are as well.

Tell me all about your ideas and the message or mission of your business and I will paint the appropriate musical picture for you.

Sample Work

Click below to listen to some sample work excerpts

to get a first impression of what's musically possible.

What people are saying

The Process

Part One: The Meeting


Nothing is better than a one-on-one meeting for getting to know each other.
Therefore I’ll set up an online meeting via Zoom where you can tell me everything about yourself, your vision, and any ideas you may already have.

We will also discuss if you want a song with vocals or an instrumental and if you need alternate versions too (e.g. long version, short version, acoustic version, piano version, sing-along version, jingle, audio logo etc.).

Then we’ll be able to set the direction of where we will want to go musically and if necessary also lyrically.

In case you need lyric content as well you’ll have the option to choose between different languages (English, German, Russian etc.) so that I’ll be able to chose the appropriate lyricist later on.

Part Two: The Sketch


Now the songwriting magic begins.
Within the next 7 work days (if you also want lyrics it will take longer) you will receive a link to a rough demo recording sketch (e.g. guitar + vocals) of your very personal music for your approval via email.

Part Three: The Production


Upon your approval of the demo we’ll move on to the process of creating a radio quality studio production.

Therefore we’re going to set up another meeting where we will talk about the style, vibe and instrumentation of the music production.

It’s quite a long way with many steps from a demo to a radio ready recording that is really unique sounding and is reflecting your uniqueness.

Choosing the instruments and sounds that suit best the style and vibe of your piece of music

Laying out how the music will build and the instruments and sounds will vary over the course of the song 

Recording the basic instrumental tracks first then recording all other tracks on top of them (doubles, solos, harmonies, sweetening instruments, „ear candies“, sound textures, sound FX, etc.) and finally, where required, recording the lead and background vocals

Compiling all the best performances together into one cohesive track each and cleaning the tracks from unwanted noises

The art of bringing all the different tracks together, balancing the levels and frequencies of every single track and making the music come to life by also giving everything the appropriate spacial processing

In addition making sure that the music will translate to different playback systems

Giving the music the final polish and sheen by making the volume level and tones of the final mix sounding awesome and radio ready

Luckily I can call on various services of my amazing team members. 

Depending on the musical style and the size of the arrangement they will help to do some magic to make sure the result is going to live up to your ideas and be top notch.

“I wonder if one day
physicians aren’t just prescribing drugs,
maybe they’re
prescribing playlists.

We have the power
to use sound to
improve our world.”¹

(Steve Keller)

So let’s do some magic together
to make sure that the sound of You
will be the emotional and healthy “drug”
your customers want to get prescribed
to improve their world!


We are excited to make it happen!


You have also the option
to add some special
extra services such as:

specific singers
(male, female, folk, jazz, soul, pop, rock, classical, countertenor)

specific instruments
(live trumpet or brass section, accordion virtuoso, world class piano player, Celtic harp, folk recorders, rock band á la Coldplay etc.)

Just tell me your wishes and ideas and I will see how I can make it happen.



As we are offering a very custom tailored service the price of a production depends on its length and instrumentation as well as the size of the arrangement.
But we’ll try to make sure that you won’t have to break the bank.

Let’s meet and get started!

¹ TEDx Talks. (2016, August 04). Harnessing the Power of Sound | Steve Keller [Video].

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